Spring bulbs in bloom.

The blooms get all the glory. But those buried, hidden bulbs that hold energy through frozen darkness, that allow themselves to spark new shoots when the time is right, that root the beauty of each spring with no praise – those do all of the magic. I think of the Kingdom of God, always there underneath what we can see because we do not look. And yes, we sometimes see the grace, sometimes we feel the Holy Spirit, when it blooms bright enough to pull our eyes away from the distractions, when it is big and powerful. Yet, what gentle, hard-working, life-sustaining holiness we must miss, even as it is surges all around us.

One thought on “Look!

  1. Thankx for reminding me of all the people or bulbs that are the real force to the work in and about God’s kingdom. This morning I specifically think of Kristine. I was the volunteer last night for CFT and had a super BIG helper, Kristine. I did all the teaching, explaining, game leading, and etc. But without her behind the scenes work, I could not do it at all. She was constantly on the go, fetching materials and cleaning up after each step of an art project. She literally was my “gopher” and enjoys her work and time with the children. The thing about her is she is so willing! I just tell her what to do and she does it. She is definitely a “hidden bulb.” There are so many like her out there building!

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